strengthen your web presence

but sorry, no coding from this gal.

Perfect for a small business/non-profit, I'm able to design websites using a web builder site like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace. Have a website? Let me help you with web banners or social media graphics that highlight your next event, big idea or product launch.

  • Website Building: Tradition would say I'm "cheating" a little bit by not coding a website from top to bottom but using a website builder has many advantages and is very user friendly. 

  • Front-End Web: Kickstarting a new fundraiser? Promoting your next big event? You'll need dynamic imagery to get attention and I can give you that.

  • Social Media: Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have the ability to reach audiences far and wide. I love designing a great cover photo or post that will catch peoples attention and get them to like, comment and share.

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